ESA Security Solutions celebrates 20 years of excellence

Anniversary event at Ecali Club

Executives of renowned corporations in Greece have honored ESA Security Solutions with their presence at an event celebrating 20 years of business excellence and growth. Mr Vassilis Antonopoulos, President & CEO of the top Greek security services provider, has been the host in a special night at Ecali Club. In his welcome speech Mr Antonopoulos has highlighted that ESA is among the major employers in Greece retaining more than 2.700 people, with an annual turnover comprised by 75% of private sector partnerships and an in-progress expansion to international markets.

Mr Dimitris Afentoulis has also addressed the guests representing the investment branch of Latsis Family in Greece, which has a direct holding in ESA’s share capital. Mr Afentoulis has explained the rationale behind the investment in ESA stressing its top-level organizational and operational standards and underlining the value that high quality security solutions can add to front-line sectors of Greece’s’ economy.

A video flashbacked to the milestones of a 20-year history has been presented, starting from ESA’s predecessors Aspis Security (1998 - 2008) and ISS Security (2008 - 2014) to end up in its current ownership status and corporate brand, as ESA Security Solutions.

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