Role Perception & Management Conference

A tailor made seminar for ESA, under the auspices of NLPGreece

  In a competitive era, shaped by the ever-changing market trends and challenges ESA, highlighting the importance of human factor and focusing on the growth of its executives, organized, under the supervision of nlpgreece® and Phd-Global NLP Master Trainer, Alexandra Efthimioudou, the first "Role Perception & Management Conference", Friday 15 & Saturday, February 16, at Boutique Coworking Office & Meeting Services in Gazi.

   By introducing a new organizational culture of quest, knowledge and flexibility, our company adapts to the high demands of the information society, development and change. The empowerment of interpersonal relationships, the development of the full potential of the people and the role they manage, the individual responsibility and contribution to the overall outcome through synergy, as well as the commitment to the company’s strategic targets were discussed, among others, at the two-day Conference.

  Future-oriented, we develop skills and attributes to foresee, respond to and manage the differentiated (ever changing) needs of our customers, leading and evolving our human capital according to the core values that inspire our success: Effectiveness, Sincerity, Alerteness.

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