Social Responsibility

One of our fundamental operating principles at ESA, is the voluntary integration of activities with social and environmental dimension. The development of and contribution to activities which add to the progress and prosperity of our society, are considered as very important factors, as we believe that they determine the development of our business as well as the long-term success of our company to a large extent.

We listen carefully to various concerns, sensitivities and considerations, focusing not only on the development of our workforce, customers and suppliers, but also on the prosperity of our society. We pay special attention to the economic, social and environmental impact of our actions in interaction and cooperation with all stakeholders.

We believe that a significant degree of social responsibility passes through operational decision-making! Therefore, we are committed to continue contributing to economic development, while improving the quality of life of our employees and their families, the local community hosting our organization and the society in general.

Open Line with our Employees

On February 12th ESA Security Solutions launched an Employees Open Line available for all its staff at 210 6001 104, from Monday to Friday (except public holidays), 9:30 to 16:00... Read more >

Celebrations “scented with love” for the children of ESA

More than 130 children of our employees celebrated with their parents in the festivities organized by our company for the second consecutive year in Athens and Thessaloniki... Read more >

Corporate Code of Ethics

In ESA we have developed and apply a Code of Ethics, which encompasses our Fundamental Principles and Values that shape the context of our business activities and define our behavior and practice on daily basis... Read more >

Children’s Event

For the first time in ESA we organized successful events for all our employees’ children. More than 120 kids had a memorable time in both Athens and Thessaloniki... Read more >

ESA sponsoring the women's basketball team of Kronos Gerakas

Our company contributes significantly to the development of sport life of the wider area where our headquarters are located, by actively supporting the women's basketball team of AO Kronos Gerakas... Read more >

ESA’s contribution to the solidarity initiative of Olympiakos at the Port of Piraeus

As a gesture of solidarity and humanitarian assistance, ESA stood by the refugees at the port of Piraeus, where alongside the people of Olympiakos, it participated voluntarily in the smooth supply of food, clothing and footwear...
Read more >

Sensitivity to the environment and actions

In ESA we make every effort to promote environmental awareness and actions at all business levels, as well as in the operation of our facilities.... Read more >