Market Segments


Transportation sector including ports & port facilities, airports, railways, is a sector highly prioritized for ESA security solutions...
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Industries & Constructions

Our long experience in security projects involving industrial & mining facilities, worksites and constructions nationwide, combined with the continuous inflow of know-how from international partners - regarding developments in technology and international standards - ensures the successful implementation of long-term and challenging contracts in the industrial & constructions sector... read more >


The requirements of organizations operating in the energy sector involve prompt response on a nationwide basis, as well competence in the design and support of technology based security solutions... read more >

Large Companies & Multinationals

Being a part of the local environment for decades we can successfully reply to all demanding requests of multinational organizations, operating in Greece... read more >

Public Administration

Our client list includes numerous public organizations where we provide security services as a result of public tender awarding. ISS continuously over-succeeds all contractual goals... read more >

Entertainment & Cultural Events

A high level of organizational and operational adequacy is required for the provision of security services during sport and/or cultural events... read more >

Fianancial Organizations

Utilizing our presence all over Greece as well as our cooperation with recognized security systems manufacturers we offer optimum security solutions for all budgets aligned with international certification bodies such as VdS, Kalagate and BGV (UVV-Kassen)...
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Successful implementation of Security solutions in retail shops and shopping centers is a significant factor that directly affects the profitability of commercial business... read more >