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Vision, corporate Values & Principles

Our vision

To be the greatest organization in providing security solutions

Our Values

We operate and develop on the basis of our fundamental corporate values:

Effectiveness:  We assess risks, needs and requirements in οrder to provide effective solutions and add measurable value to our customers. As we strive for high performance in everything we do, we are committed to do the right things while improving our level of service.

Sincerity: We are always honest and sincere with those around us. By being truthful to our customers and employees we keep promises, thus building strong and long term relations. Transparency outlines our relations with the state and social authorities.

Alertness: We are alert on a 24/7 basis in order to protect human life and property. We are constantly aware and observing as we seek to improve ourselves and our deliverables.

Our Principles

Customer Focus: We protect human life and property by designing and providing integrated security solutions, responding to our customers' risks and requirements. Utilizing the quality and innovation of our proven solutions we contribute to the welfare of our clients by adding value and effectively ensure long-term relations.

Employees Focus: We invest in employee development through continuous training, sharing of best practices and expertise. We actively support our employees’ rights as human beings and professionals.

Innovation Focus: We design & introduce innovative practices, utilizing technology in order to continuously facilitate our everyday life while improving our level of service

Points of Differentiation

  • Market Coverage
  • Expertise
  • Innovation
  • Trust
  • Adequacy
  • “One Stop Shop”
Present throughout Greece, ESA security solutions is close to you on a 24/7/365 basis. An extensive network of branches and partners - representatives all over Greece, contributes towards our nationwide presence.
The proven performance of our team warrantees the provision of security solutions that perfectly match your requirements. ESA security solutions has the necessary resources and expertise to meet any simple or complex security requirement.
To ensure high quality of services, ESA security solutions, implements innovative practices in both business and personnel management. Support of manned services with electronic means training and evaluation of security personnel in general or specific security topics are some examples of innovative practices towards the measurement of contractual performance.
Successful implementation of security solutions for a diverse and demanding customer base is a warrantee towards a successful cooperation. We maintain the highest possible trust level of all of our stakeholders including our employees, our customers and our suppliers although operating in a challenging economic environment.
Our Security Officers, -more than 1,800- are properly trained and certified to provide the required security services to all types of facilities such as office buildings, public agencies, ports and port facilities (ISPS), industries, as also high-security facilities. The provision of services is monitored through tested processes based on technological / IT innovative platforms from a team of group of contract managers with a high level of education and experience.
ESA security solutions is able to offer a comprehensive security portfolio that includes security systems, services and solutions, contributing effectively to the management of your risk. Our portfolio includes design, supply, installation, maintenance of Burglar Alarm, CCTV, access control systems, fire detection systems, in an autonomous or integrated design The provision of electronic security solutions, is supported by the provision of patrol and emergency response as well as by the Incident Management Station operating on a 24/7/365 basis.