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Electronic Security Systems

Electronic Security Systems

ESA team of Engineers has designed and implemented some of the largest and more sophisticated electronic security systems in Gresece. Our portfolio offering is based on products sourced from well-known international manufacturers.

Perimeter Protection & Burglar Alarm Systems

We have installed thousands of Burglar Alarm systems which are monitored by our Incident Management Station providing protection around the clock.

C.C.Tv Systems

Being a pioneer in image transmission to remote Surveillance Stations, ESA is highly specialized in the design and implementation of Video surveillance, recording, and automated video analysis systems.

Access Control Systems

Access control, recording and recovery of transit data are key features of the integrated security solutions offered by ESA Security Solutions.

Fire Protection & Gas Detection Systems

ESA offers fire and toxic / explosive gas detection systems as well as extinguishing systems designed to detect a fire / gas leak and extinguish while at an early stage.